Rediscover Watch Strap Changing with our Walnut and Leather Tray

In the world of horology, changing a watch strap is almost a sacred ritual for enthusiasts.

Through our Kronookeeper brand, Misterchrono introduces an accessory that transforms this ritual into a luxurious experience: the Walnut and Leather Tray. Designed to combine refined aesthetics with practical functionality, this tray is the perfect companion for any watch enthusiast looking to perfect their workspace.

Crafted from premium American walnut, known for its durability and timeless aesthetic, and featuring a soft taupe calf leather insert, this tray is not just a tool, but a piece of art. Integrated channels for bracelet changing tools ensure everything is within reach, while the generous dimensions (L: 29.6 cm, W: 21 cm, H: 1.8 cm) provide a comfortable workspace without cluttering your desk.

Besides its usefulness in changing straps, the tray can also serve as a desk valet, adding a touch of elegance to your workspace or home entryway. It's an ideal gift for watch enthusiasts, blending utility and aesthetics.

Available in store at Misterchrono Brussels, Rue Ernest Allard 16, 1000 Brussels (Place du Sablon) and deliverable to your home through our online store Walnut and Leather Tray.