Patek Philippe: Investing in Wristwatches

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Discover "Invest in Watches: Patek Philippe," an essential guide for collectors. This book features over 550 vintage watches and their market value, selected by expert Osvaldo Patrizzi.

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Patek Philippe vintage watches are fetching ever-higher prices at auctions, and their popularity continues to grow. What makes them so special and highly sought after by collectors?

For some, it is a passion-driven activity as they appreciate the watch – the complexity of its mechanics and the finesse of its form – as a work of art. For others, collecting is an investment, and a watch’s value is as important as its appearance.

Every collector should have a guide to the models and their market value. This important reference book highlights over 550 watches, including the vast majority of major Patek models, along with their auction results. The timepieces featured have been carefully selected by the esteemed horology expert Osvaldo Patrizzi for various reasons, including technical excellence, auction results, design, and anecdotal stories. The compilation of these watches, grouped by reference number, allows for comparative analysis of auction results, showing the evolution of prices from the 1980s to today.

INVEST IN WATCHES: PATEK PHILIPPE offers a detailed insight into the world of authentication and evaluation of high-value wristwatches that will be useful to collectors, whether they are enthusiasts or connoisseurs.

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