Kronokeeper Waterproof case for 24 watches

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Protect your valuable collection with the Kronokeeper waterproof case for 24 watches. Durable, waterproof, and equipped with individual compartments, it's the ultimate security solution.

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The Kronokeeper waterproof case is engineered to provide superior protection for your watch collection. Made from fiber-reinforced composite resin, it ensures exceptional resistance to shocks, water, air, and dust. Stainless steel hinges enhance its durability, while the internal foam, equipped with individual compartments for each watch and cushions measuring 57 x 45 mm, offers optimal security for your precious timepieces. The case also features an automatic depressurization valve to regulate atmospheric pressure changes, making it ideal for travel. Lightweight, shockproof, and capable of being secured with a padlock, this case is perfectly sized for 24 watches, measuring 465 × 365 × 140 mm.

CapacitéFor 24 Watches